Offshoring involves the moving of various operations and processes of a business to another country. The Message Centre has extended its network base to an office in Hong Kong and the Philippines. Whether you are looking to outsource a single role, a team in your business or an entire business function, we can provide solutions through our offshore teams.

What makes TMC offshoring unique, is our clients can build their very own offshore team in the Philippines and leverage our international resources. We help you to find the best team for your business – one that is highly customised and tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Our employees are highly professional, experienced and skilled in their role. Outsourcing services to an offshore team not only helps improve efficiency and significantly reduce costs, but allows your local team to focus on core business.

Our Experience

Our expertise and extensive international resources have allowed us to offer our clients superior offshoring solutions (we do not provide offshore live answering services – this service is managed by our local team). We deliver solutions to over 1,000 businesses every day and employ over 300 employees in Australia and internationally.

Benefits Of Offshore Outsourcing

  • Cost savings
  • Increase productivity
  • Retention of control over process
  • Focus on core business
  • Establish its own team
  • Expansion strategies and create new market opportunities

Processes & Tasks That Can Be Outsourced

There are a number of business processes and administration tasks that can be outsourced. The processes that you may want to outsource depends on your industry, business needs and exsiting resources.

  • Back office support
  • Book keeping/appointment scheduling
  • Computer programming
  • Content Writing
  • Data management
  • General adminstration
  • Payroll
  • Website design

How It Works

At TMC, we follow an effective, tested, customised process to ensure we build a team that can meet your business needs. We also provide ongoing support and reporting to ensure streamlined operations for your business.

TMC Offshore Infographic

Project Planning

Our offshore services are successful because we rely on great planning and a thorough understanding of your business. We work closely with clients and develop process documents and training manuals that we use to deliver a consistent, high quality service. Out transition process is completely customised – so that we can integrate the offshore team into your current operations.

Recruitment & Training

Our people are our most important asset. We have an in-house organisational psychologist and recruitment team who screen potential applicants based on a set of requirements. We also undergo full behavioural profile testing and full skill testing which is tailored to each specific role. We work with our clients to review each prospective team member and once a team member is selected, we work with clients during the induction and training processes as well as provide ongoing support.

At TMC, you have the option to either build your own team or outsource your business processes to our team. Outsourcing to our team is perfect for clients who are just looking to trial offshoring, need additional resources or need to get something done urgently.

Infrastructure & Implementation

You will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager to facilitate the implementation and management of all aspects of the service. Our client experience manager is also available as a key contact point.

Our service includes a fully equipped office space with access to high capacity internet and voice technology. We can also facilitate special technical and hardware requirements as needed.

Ongoing Delivery & Reporting

Our management team is locally based in Australia and New Zealand and regularly check in with our clients. We are mindful of culture and have a deep understanding of the culture of our Filipino employees, allowing us to provide full cross training to your team when required. We also provide ongoing support and measure performance using our tailored reporting measures.

Our goal is to ensure that your offshore team is seamlessly integrated with your local operations, as if both teams are working from the same premises.

offshore business process outsourcing definition

Offshore Business Process Outsourcing FAQ

What is offshore business process outsourcing?

Offshore business process outsourcing involves moving various operations and processes of a business, such as data entry, website design and development, and bookkeeping, to another country.

How does offshore business process outsourcing work?

First we discuss your business needs and develop a customised solution. We then recruit applicants that suit your business and solution. We assist with training and also check in with you regularly to ensure your offshore team is seamlessly integrated with your local operations.

What are the benefits of offshore business process outsourcing?

Offshore business process outsourcing can save costs and increase productivity.

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