At The Message Centre, we have developed monitoring solutions that provide our clients with peace of mind 24/7. Our processes are linked to specific workflows that escalate alerts to personnel based on client instructions, as required. We link our systems to client and third party applications in order to make the delivery of service both flexible and reliable.

Monitoring Systems

At The Message Centre, we aim to find solutions to problems as efficiently as possible. We can use email notifications via automated systems or monitor platforms ourselves. We may receive an error code from a server or an alarm may activate from an automated monitoring system.

Once an issue comes to our team’s attentions, we are able to take the necessary action required to resolve it. This procedure can be fully customised based on your business’s needs including who should be alerted when, and specific time periods.

For example, we can monitor email platforms for an insurance company. When there are incoming emails relating to asset claims or damages, our consultants can allocate third party repairs or initiate claims based on an agreed-upon process.


There will also be an agreed upon reporting process that we will execute. This involves knowing which of your staff members need to be informed for particular issues and how you want us to contact them.