The Message Centre provides expert appointment scheduling and outsourced booking services to manage all phone and web-based enquiries. We will manage all booking-related matters, provide updates and make changes to your web-based bookings management systems as required.

Booking Management Services

If required, we can also set up SMS and email alerts to notify you of any changes or updates to your bookings schedule. This allows you to remain fully informed of how your booking systems are being managed and how your patients and customers are being reminded of appointments. Our team can also provide live updates to your online diary to ensure that you never miss an appointment.

We provide tailored appointment scheduling and management services to:

  • Hospitality & Tourism Sector
  • Healthcare Service Providers
  • Professional Consultancy Firms
  • Sales Appointment via Campaigns

At The Message Centre, we work carefully with you to ensure a personalised management program that is designed to meet your specific business needs. Our team will put systems in place, so you never miss an important call again. We can competently handle any overflow from your current receptionist and booking desk, so that callers will always get through to someone. It also allows convenient cover during staff break times and any absenteeism.

Tailor-Made Appointment Setting 

After assessing the specific requirements of your business, we can create a system that serves your needs in the best, most cost-effective way. For example, if you work within the hospitality or tourism sector, we can manage all restaurant and venue bookings.

We work with professional consultancy service providers and will engage with your customers in a professional, friendly manner. We are also equipped to make sales appointments for general marketing campaigns as required.

If you’re looking for an efficient solution to your appointment setting struggles, look no further than The Message Centre for a bespoke service that works for you.