The Message Centre has now extended its network base to an office in Hong Kong and the Philippines. We are well and truly underway to being able to offer our clients outsource business processes at offshore rates. We provide our clients with access to offshore teams in the Philippines and leverage our international resources to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

In 2017, CCC Data Management and The Message Centre joined forces to create the company Link BPO. Our 70 years of combined experience and extensive international resources has allowed us to offer our clients superior offshoring solutions (we do not provide offshore outsourcing for our live answering services).

Offshore Outsourcing Solutions

We have a small team of process management consultants who are able to assess most business needs with the aim of integrating the client process to our offshore facilities. We have flexible pricing structures to meet most business and commercial needs.

Offshoring involves the moving of various operations and processes of a business to another country.

The key reasons why a business would choose to offshore are:

  • Cost savings
  • Retention of control over process
  • Establish its own team
  • Expansion strategies

Our offshore outsourcing processes include:

  • Complete review and understanding of process requirements
  • Development of position descriptions
  • Recruitment of dedicated team members
  • Skills and behavioural based testing
  • Development and delivery of training
  • On-going management and support of team members

 We also offer local outsourcing solutions depending on your business needs. Click here to find out more.