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No matter what business you’re in or the size of your organisation, we’ve probably solved a problem just like yours for someone else.

Bookings Service

Overview: The client had beauticians either too busy to take calls because they were performing services or they were not busy at all They engaged us to answer their calls


Overview: The client had a VOIP solution in place for their business of 20 plus employees Their system was originally purchased on the cheapest price and subsequently found wanting with

Customised Greetings

Overview: The client had a 24/7 helpdesk service with complex call flows The se flows involved multiple decision points in order to resolve the call efficiently. They engaged us to


Overview: The client needed an answering service for their new business They were apprehensive to launch straight away with a Live Answering service yet wanted to get a number they


Overview: The client was developing a new website which they were anticipating would attract significant interest The client wanted to maximise self help whilst also providing a seamless transition to

Social Media Monitoring

Overview: The client had unknown contact volumes and needed a low-cost flexible scalable solution to handle their Facebook page queries They engaged us as part of an overall outsourced service