Outsourcing has always had the stereotype as the means to access cheap overseas labour. In saying that, outsourcing has become a growing trend in business practice and more companies are turning to it to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs.

Due to the increase in popularity, more businesses are looking to outsource domestically, but outsourcing within Australia is perceived to be too expensive, or is it? Outsourcing within Australia is surprisingly a lot cheaper than you may think!

The demand for onshore outsourcing is rapidly increasing, resulting in Australian outsource companies to become more competitive in their pricing. This doesn’t mean that the need for offshoring services is declining. The decision of which path to take would depend on the actual task required and the size of the scope. However, for some businesses, keeping their direct customer service onshore may be a requirement within their industry.

For some businesses, where there is direct customer interaction, onshore outsourcing may be preferred as there are no language barriers or time zone challenges and the service providers understand the local market, regulations and legislation. The risks of security and damaged reputation are lowered as customers have a sense of security in knowing their work is taken care of domestically.

The reality is, it can be a lot cheaper to outsource tasks and functions domestically than hiring one full-time employee to do the same job. Similarly, the costs associated with managing multiple departments on your own could be at a much higher cost than if you were to outsource it.

And of course, it is easier to manage the relationship and monitor the performance of your outsource provider and ensure that practices are in line with your business requirements.