The Message Centre was first founded in 1974 to cater to the 24-hour communication needs of medical practitioners. Our role was to deliver both general and critical information to satisfy the high standards of the medical profession and their patients.

In 1980, The Message Centre business expanded to include clients from other professional, commercial and trade backgrounds. Clients were able to enjoy the unique benefits of customised live answering, delivering exceptional customer service using our expert operators, proficient in conversing naturally with the clients’ customers.

In the year 2000, new owners started the move beyond live answering with the diversification of the products offered including a variety of support services.  These services included credit card ordering services, bookings and appointment scheduling and escalation and roster services along with specialised services such as solitary worker monitoring, hotlines and help desks and new messaging solutions such as national radio paging, SMS and email messaging.

In 2009, our current directors acquired The Message Centre where it then became known informally as ‘TMC’. With no previous background in the call centre and outsourced services, they had the freedom to introduce a new approach to automation and technology. In turn, they were able to provide more complex, sophisticated and bespoke services and integrations through a combination of dialler and scripting technology. These were coupled with a purpose-built, web-based ticketing system and associated applications.

By 2017, TMC had introduced bulk SMSing & emailing platforms, outbound telemarketing, inbound telco services, live chat and social media monitoring. Strategic direction included the addition of new businesses; Link BPO, offering a complementary offshore outsourcing solution for back of house customer and business process solutions, and another, Barsky Consulting, providing human resource solutions and psychometric testing support services.

Now, with over 40 years’ outsourcing experience, a portfolio of over 700 clients and a suite of over 60 products and services, The Message Centre is evolving to TMC Group, maximising this advantage to provide an optimal solution to meet any outsourcing requirement.