Your most important asset in business is your customers, and delivering them an exceptional service can be taxing on your time and productivity. This is where ‘Live Answering’ solution providers can optimise your customer experience and remove pressure from your daily activity.

Whether you need external agents to handle incoming calls, provide 24-hour customer support, or even supply casual live answering, choosing the right provider can make all the difference to your customer retention, loyalty and profitability.

If you’re looking for a live answering service, these 8 simple tips will help you select a professional and quality provider to best deliver your company’s unique customer service requirements.

Australian-based Service

You operate an Australian-based business, therefore an Australian-based Live Answering service with local consultants will most accurately represent your brand. While marginally more expensive, delegating this service to an Australian provider ensures your customers will be clearly understood and efficiently handled.

24/7 Coverage

You may only require 9am-5pm coverage but in order to service your busy customers, who in many cases may not be available to make purchasing decisions during business hours, your best solution is to provide a 24-hour Live Answering service. Availability quite often leads to profitability.

Usage-based Service

In most cases, buying in bulk is the best way to get a discount. In the case of Live Answering, this could incur your business additional costs should the predicted call volume not arrive. Paying based on usage will ensure you are obtaining a productivity-boosting investment regardless of your inbound call volume.


Everyone loves a bargain! The same is true for Live Answering. Look for a partner who is able and willing to offer discounts based on loyalty should your call volumes be unpredictable.

Customisation to Reflect Your Brand

Entrusting your brand to an outsourcing partner is a big decision and not to be decided lightly. Look for a Live Answering partner who has a documented track record, and who will ‘open their doors’ to ensure you understand what they do and how they do it. It should be an open and transparent conversation.

Clear and Concise Scripting

You know the nuances and drivers behind your customers intimately; what makes them happy along with their frustrations. Solving their queries quickly is the most effective way to provide the high-level customer experience the market now demands. Live Answering works best when you are able to translate your knowledge of the customer into a clear and concise script that is simple and easy for your Live Answering partner to follow.

Professional Agents

The voice of your brand is as important as the Live Answering service itself. Ask your Live Answering partner how and where they recruit, what their staff retention rate is and if they conduct monitored test calls. The best partners will take additional measures to ensure each Live Answering operator is an asset to your business. For example, did you know the more prominent providers engage psychometric assessments?

Minimal Double Handling

The main benefit of a Live Answering service is the improved efficiency and productivity for your business, saving you both money and time. Select a partner who has the capability to integrate the details you need from their service into your CRM/ERP or work allocation system. Automated data transfer will significantly reduce reconciliation time.

By selecting a Live Answering partner with these tips in mind, your company’s incoming calls, queries, questions or concerns will be answered by highly-trained agents who understand your customers and your brand.

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