The Message Centre employs a team of experts to handle all of your communication and business needs, so whether you’re a start-up business or a more established company, our experienced consultants can help. With all our staff fully qualified and trained to handle very eventuality, we guarantee reliable and professional intervention across all services.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we manage a large team that works efficiently to ensure the best results for your business. With over 40 years’ experience delivering business solutions, telecommunications and live answering services, we offer expert knowledge and promise a superior service every time.

Meet Our Team

Alex Del Brocco – Director, Strategic Operations

Alex is a highly motivated and successful business entrepreneur with a strong commercial focus and common-sense approach to business. He has significant experience in business turnaround, strategy, business development, organisation, acquisitions, branding, multi-service offerings, people management, recruitment processes, client relationships and telecommunications. With over 20 years’ experience in workplace management, Alex and is a skilled leader, adept at motivating all types of workforces and individuals.

Dean Bonnici –Technology & Infrastructure

With over 20 years of experience in the delivery of technology solutions, Dean has managed a successful business delivering real world and cloud solutions to SME and Government sector clients. With a background in desktop application development he has grown toward the delivery of integration solutions within organisations to achieve database, SMS, telephony, infrastructure and security outcomes. Secure cloud delivery of solutions within and between organisations has become a core methodology and as a solutions provider, he has evolved his business to now include secure hosted infrastructure within Australia.

David Hale – Operations Manager

With over 25 years’ experience in operations and sales leadership / management roles David has managed successful business service delivery in both the corporate sector for In-house and Outsourced third party environments including off-shore. He has exceptional knowledge of the Contact Centre industry (inbound and outbound) both within Australia and Off-shore locations with a high level of experience dealing with key decision makers within Tier 1 companies. David is a highly innovative and business focussed Operations Manager with expertise in managing infrastructure, people and resources to realise optimal performance and steady growth. He has extensive experience and a proven track record in sales team & call centre management at a national level. With a strong understanding of all facets of effective operations, David prides himself on process improvement and cost effective solutions. He adopts a motivated and supportive leadership style, focused on establishing a shared team vision with a proven ability to translate high level strategies into clear objectives and practical business plans.

Sherry Anderson – Human Resources

Leveraging more than 20 years experience of Customer Service and HR experience, Sherry equips decision makers across the organisation with the information to make well-informed people decisions. Her experience spans a range of industry sectors including Electrical Engineering, Call Centre and Business Process Support Services and Manufacturing. Sherry prides herself on engaging employees and developing relationships with both employees and clients alike to promote optimal delivery of services. Sherry has a strong desire to ensure best practice performance of her team through an engaged and collaborative approach to ensure the delivery of optimal and cost effective solutions. As TMC continues to extend its presence to new destinations and markets worldwide, Sherry leads a global team to accomplish business objectives.